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Photo Credit: Max Sewall

Hi! I'm an author, editor, artist, and athlete who loves dogs beyond all reason. Both Can Be True is inspired by my combined passions for rescuing animals and expanding gender norms to create a more inclusive world. Fight + Flight is inspired by my experiences with hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and generalized anxiety disorder. 

I've worked at a veterinarian, a construction company, a car-parts warehouse, a middle school for kids with disabilities, and a boatload of marketing firms. I now own and operate Red Pen Refinery, LLC, an editing and proofreading business focused on fiction for young adults and middle-grade readers. I live in Cincinnati with my family, assorted reptiles, and three rescue dogs: the world’s happiest pit bull, a mutt who eats everything that will fit in his mouth, and a paralyzed terrier with way too much sass. (The pit bull is not pictured because he's made of 100 pounds of unpredictable canine energy.)

One of my life goals is to Pet All the Dogs; you can follow my quest on Instagram.

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