Cover art: Teo DuVall at Little Corvus Art

Welcome! I'm Jules.

I write the books I needed when I was a kid. 

Thirty years ago, no one was publishing kids' books about gender identity, boys who cry too much, mental health, and invisible illnesses. I needed books like that. So I wrote them.

BOTH CAN BE TRUE, a middle-grade novel about gender fluidity, big emotions, and saving the dog, is out now!

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"A must-buy for middle schools and high schools, this story is an inspiring celebration of living authentically."

School Library Journal (starred review)

"Machias’s debut handles both realistic emotional journeys with compassion, while offering a nuanced portrayal of the benefits and limitations of labels ... Ash’s and Daniel’s different but intertwined experiences with gender identity and stereotypes lead to a celebration of allyship and fluidity that’s a joy to read."

Publisher's Weekly

"An optimistic journey of self-acceptance."



Coming Summer 2022


Avery's body doesn't work right.

Sarah's brain won't cooperate.

Can these two very different people find common ground after a shared traumatic experience?

Learn about FIGHT + FLIGHT here.

Cover art: Sherry Lia